Intrauterine insemination by husband or donor sperm is a procedure by which specially prepared sperm is placed directly in the uterus (womb) near ovulation time. This process usually involves ovulation induction which the process of follicle development is monitored by blood hormone and ultrasound scanning. When ovulation is about to occur, the male partner is asked to provide a semen sample by masturbation. This specimen will be prepared in the sperm laboratory to select only active motile sperm and make it higher concentration. The prepared sperm will be placed right into the uterine cavity by mean of a fine catheter. No pain while we do sperm insemination. Total procedure will take only few minutes then the patient is required to be on bed for at least half an hour after the insertion.

Artificial insemination with the use of donor sperm may be indicated when the husband has no sperm in ejaculated semen so called that azoospermia problem. Donor semen can be obtained from your selected donor (known donor) or you are able to order donor sperm from the International Sperm Bank and ship to the IVF center in Thailand. We do have huge experiences with the Cryo-Bank shipping the sample to our clinics.

In case you may require Thai, Chinese ethnic donor then there are donor samples provided by the sperm bank in Bangkok. All donors are very carefully screened taking into account their familial and medical history. Syphilis, Hepatitis and HIV testing are carried out in every donor specimen.

IUI with husband or donor sperm is used to treat patients with at least one healthy fallopian tube. Because the cost per pregnancy is significantly less with IUI than with assisted reproductive technology, many experts recommend patient trying at least 3 IUI cycles before moving to the more advances and expensive ART.
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